GenSystem generates and stores electricity using Solar Panels. GenSystem provides continuous power even in the event of a grid outage.

Backup Power    GenSystem protects your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power 24/7.


Solar Day and Night    GenSystem stores solar energy to continuously power your home with sustainable energy day and night.


Self-Powered    GenSystem increases your home’s independence, and reduces electricity bills.

  • All necessary components are included in one system

  • GenSystem convert DC power to AC power and directly energize your appliances without any additional equipment or devices

  • Ready to install in less than 90 minutes

 Multi-Operation Mode 

  • GenSystem can be used as a backup in case of grid failure

  • Or operate in an Off-grid mode

  • GenSystem can also be used as your main source of electricity and you can import any additionally needed energy from the electric grid

  • GenSystem automatically starts as soon as it senses a grid failure within 10 ms


  • GenSystem can be installed inside residences as well as small offices 

  • GenSystem can power multiple appliances simultaneously such as a computer, refrigerator, microwave, lights, and many more

  • No plug-in required, GenSystem will be directly connected to your home or office electrical distribution panel-board

  • GenSystem can be upgraded for a bigger storage capacity without any hassle at any time


​DC Power           2.4 kW (Up to 6.6 kW Optional)

AC Power           4 kVA

AC Voltage          208/240 V

Nighttime Capacity    2.56 kWh (Up to 11 kWh Optional)

Daytime Capacity      9.93 kWh (Up to 27.3 kWh Optional)

Rated Power       4 kW

Peak Power         4.8 kVA

Battery Volt         48 V

Efficiency            97.2%

Dimensions         875 x 610 x 580 mm

Weight                148 kg

Warranty              Panels 25 Years 

                            Batteries 10 Years

                            Inverter 5 Years (10 Years Optional)

What's included with GenSystem?

GenSystem includes batteries, inverter, solar panels, and all necessary wiring and protection devices in a single package at no additional cost.

Does GenSystem have to be installed by a professional?

Yes, Zanbur will send a qualified professional to install the system in your home or business at no additional cost.

Is GenSystem suitable for indoors?

Absolutely. GenSystem emits zero fumes/gasses which makes perfect for indoors usage or confined areas especially flats.

What type of batteries does GenSystem use?

GenSystem uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO) batteries which are used to store energy generated by the solar panels. 

What type of devices or appliances can GenSystem power?

GenSystem can power all type of everyday devices such as light bulbs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, or heavy duty appliances such as refrigerators, machines, and desktop computers.

How long does GenSystem takes for a full charge?

GenSystem requires about 4.5 of sun-hours using the solar panels or an electric-grid to fully charge.

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